Sunday, August 28, 2005

random thought

Bush has said to reporters asking if he'll meet with Cindy Sheehan over and over again that he needs to "get on with his life" and "get back to his job of running the country" (which now that he's not on vacation could actually make sense)...

but yet here he is on a whirlwind "public relations" tour... I'm sure this wasn't a planned event for after his vacation - running around from military base to military base trying to justify a war that the majority of America disagrees with the handling of.

Unless he had plans to do the tour anyway, and speak on a different topic, this sounds a touch hypocritical... "I don't have time in my busy schedule of being the President to meet with you for an hour like you're asking for since that might suggest that you 'won' something, but I can go on a huge fucking tour of the country for several days talking about the same subject that you wanted to talk about when I was on vacation..." (that's not a real GWB quote, I'm just summarizing what I think his thought process must be... wait. Add a few spelling mistakes and mispronounced words in there.)


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Bush told Senator Biden that he doesn't read much; he's a 'tv man'. I'll buy it. Maybe Bush should put aside the tv, pick up a catalogue of compassion. Let a grieving mother (who btw is saying what many people are thinking) grieve. Dumb Bastard.


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