Friday, July 29, 2005

new term

I think there needs to be a new Latin phrase for our society. We already have "Deus ex machina" - what about "Diabolus ex machina"... Devil/Satan from the machine.

Think of all the great ways this phrase could be used! It could be in reference to random BSODs... it could be used when you lose files to corruption, when viruses cripple your registry, or when spyware slows your computer to a crawl (and when I say 'your' I'm really referring to the national average personal computer user... I know anyone reading this blog is much to smart to be afflicted by these sorts of problems... except in the indirect, computer-support related way).

It could also be used in slightly more creative settings, such as when the computer serves as the petard you hoist yourself upon - like when you accidentally send that email talk trash about the boss... to the boss. There's a world of opportunities here, and I think they need to be exploited! Who's with me!? ... fine. I'm still gonna use it. :)

Apparently the term already exists :(
Some damned writer/critic came up with it in ~1971.


At 11:51 AM, Blogger Joe said...

It could be used when a computer (or a toaster) eats one of your children. Now we have a phrase for it.


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