Thursday, August 25, 2005

some stuff

Here's a bit of poetry that came to me - it's not really a new idea (for me or anyone else, just ask Handel :) ) but it's something I come back to every so often.

I've often noticed that when I'm listening to music (actively) I sort of zone out... and I've also thought about different things that music is like... and what that "zoned out" feeling is like. (If you're an academic - what it "resembles").

What I came up with in high school when I was forced (gasp!) to write some poetry for my AP English class, was that Music most resembles Water (to me). The basic characteristics of music, beat, rythym, flow, etc. all have close counter-parts in the various existences of water. And when I'm listening to music that I'm really wrapped up in, it can be like floating in a warm ocean current or like rafting down a churning rapids.

So without further useless rationalization/explanation - here's my "writing" :

Music = water
waves and moods push through my mind
rythyms and pulses and tides
everything evaporates
life floats by
floats away
i float away
adrift in sound
lost and yet found

I know, I know. The title needs work (to say the least). This is just some basic ideas that I jotted down before I forgot them, and I just cleaned 'em up a wee bit before putting them here for the whole world to see (what am I, crazy?)

So. Yeah. Please, uh, post and tell me what you think?


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