Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Who the fuck came up with the indirect and direct pronouns in Spanish? Who could have possibly designed such a system? What entity could have the necessary combination of cruelty and genius to put together such a mess?

Satan, aka "El Diablo" - that's who. I've long suspected it, but today's Spanish class proves it beyond doubt.

I'll generally agree with anyone that claims Spanish is the easiest language to learn. I mean, the Latin underlying the verb structure is fairly logical, irregular verbs aside... and with the number of cognates, it's not hard to learn basic vocab. - but wtf happened to the other parts of the language?!

Was there some sort of national shame in Spain/Mexico over the fact that EspaƱol (when compared to other languages) made sense? Did people think "Cual el chinga? Nosotros no podemos tener una lingua simple!"

I think something like that happened. And as a result, Spanish-speaking people everywhere sat around, drank a lot of tequila, and hit upon the answer... they could arbitrarily assign tiny words great meaning, and then cram sentences full of them, in the randomest places possible! That'd fix it, and fix it good. Why, if done properly, they could form an entire sentence from these tiny words in random order, and the only way to understand what was being said would be to get blitzed out of their cabasas on tequila. There'd be no pattern, no logical structure... no reasoning behind any of it. As the Guinness folks would say, "Brilliant!"


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