Friday, May 20, 2005

Invention #1

Automatic, Timer-assisted Plant Waterer
For use in Greenhouses/Outdoor Gardens

Purpose: Automates watering, allows for multiple watering schedules, maintains plant hydration when owner is away or unable to do so, and stabilizes growth of plants.

Required parts: One (1) programmable control unit, plastic hose, caps, 3-way hose joints, water distributers.

Design concept: A normal garden hose attaches to one end of the control unit. Hose leads from one of the control units four (4) outputs. The hose is led to the plants. At each plant the the hose is cut, a hose joint is attached, and the hose continues to the next plant. At each joint, a smaller hose leads to the base of the plant and the water distribution system. At the end of the hose, a cap is attached.

Use: The user programs the control unit's internal clock, and then sets the intervals (in days, from 1 to 14) at which water should come from each output. This allows the watering of plants on diverse schedules to be automated by the same machine. The control unit must be plugged in to an electrical source to operate, but will come with a battery to preserce user settings in the case of a power outage.

Additional information: By altering the size and variety of water distributers, the user is given choices concerning the level of water that comes at each water, and how evenly it is distributed (i.e. by soaker hose, or as a stream or mist). The default distributer shipped with the initial unit would allow for stream dispensing, with additional units available as separate purchases. The control unit must be robust and hardy, to allow for placement outside. Plastic Hose is preferred over metal piping for the following reasons: expense, ease of packaging, flexibility in placement, flexibility in changing position, and ease of construction. Additional hooks or fasteners can be sold to hide the plastic hosing under a table, or adhere it to the ground. The downside to plastic hosing is the additional resources and time required in making connections water-tight and in maintainence.

If you are a company with the wherewithal to construct, market, and sell this product, please be aware that this concept is the sole Intellectual Property of the owner of this blog. While I would be more than happy to work with, or sell this idea to a potential builder, I will react with all means possible to punish the theft of this idea, whether or not the result is profitable.


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