Monday, May 30, 2005


I love liars. They call me all the time.

At Home, it's the "This machine will do everything you'll ever possibly want for the one-time low fee of your eternal soul" kind.

At Work, it's the "Somehow my email account got set to forward, and now it won't stop... " kind.

Boy do I love those.

This is the voice I hear in my head, but carefully restrain from voicing:
"Really? It got set that way, and you don't know how? Wow, I must have like totally stalked you for three weeks to find out your alternative email address and then secretly hacked into your account to set it up. And then, when you weren't looking, I also took your ability to take responsibility for your own actions!!"

I'm sure people think I'm crazy because I always seem to find life's little experiences like this humorous... even when I'm pissed off about them. Well, guess what people... I am crazy!! LKJSDHFIBDSHBJHSBDFHBSDF!!! And it's all just a defense mechanism that I engage to keep from damaging myself and others. Be glad I'm crazy. Or else I might be serious :)


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