Friday, May 27, 2005

New Developments

It's come to my attention (always takes me a while to figure stuff out :) ) that people I know may read this blog. News flash, right? Anyway, these people may be surprised to find that online I swear quite a bit. Quite a bit. And I seem to be homocidally angry most of the time.

Rest assured (if you are one of these people) - in rl I'm the same sweet, entirely benign, lovable person you've known all along. :D

...seeing as how that may be the person you're discovering in the blog... meh.

Most of what I say online is tinged with anger residue from a recent frustrating experience... I'll try to work on posting more when I'm in a happy, go lucky kind of mood. :)

Until then, don't be too shocked or awed by my online persona - I swear, it's only partly, mostly, sort of real. ;)


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