Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More stupid people...

I apologize for the format this next post takes... it's more of a rant than anything else. It could be done better... which I thought about on the way home today. But I'm not interesting in publishing it as a story or anything, so I'm leaving it as it is. It's probably better that I don't get pulled into it again...

begin angry tirade


This happens quite often.
I'll be at work, and get a call from a student's parent. No biggie, sometimes parents have questions... but then hte parent will proceed to ask me something that the student wants to know. Or they'll want access to a student's account, not b/c they're paranoid, super-sneaky assholes, but b/c they're doing whatever FOR the student in question.

Come the fuck on... YOU'RE IN COLLEGE NOW, LITTLE BUDDY. I think you can register for classes on your own. It's OK, you can figure it out. Hell, most of the time, the students are better equipped to deal with whatever they need to do anyway, what with them growing up in the "Computer Age." But no. I get to talk to Mr. or Mrs. My-kid-is-so-fucking-special-that-I'm-gonna-wipe-their-ass-until-they're-sixty-seven.

I blame the Top Ten Percent rule for this BS. I'm not saying parent's shouldn't help out there kids... especially since a lot of these parents are also paying for their spoiled fuckheads to go to school here and want to make sure they get their money's worth. But there has to be a line drawn.

If you're kid is too fucking stupid, too fucking lazy, too fucking unaware... too fucking anything, to be able to call me to change his password, then he doesn't get to go to college. I'm sorry, that's just the fucking way it is. And these parents are doing their kids any favors... TAKE NOTE PARENTS OF STUPID CHILDREN: If you do everything for your kid, he or she will REMAIN STUPID! Let your kid GROW UP!

What's even worse is when I answer a call and I can HEAR the stupid kid in the BACKGROUND if the phone conversation, telling his parent what to say. Look asshat, your parent has no idea what computer system we use. Most of the time they don't know what a computer is. If you're already having to translate what I say to them... FUCKING TALK ON THE PHONE YOURSELF.

I swear to God... I want one of these fuckers to actually bring their Mommy and Daddy with them to class, so they can get the mocking/beating they deserve. Hopefully someone with the authority to remove the obnoxious brat from this university would notice and act (since I can't execute the worthless %$&^%#&%^).

No fucking wonder this country is so far behind the rest of the modern world in education... we've got the biggest middle class of any country, and apparently 90% of them don't have the heart to do what's best for their children. In a misguided attempt to get their kids ahead, they're setting them back by not properly preparing them for life.

Of course, every Johnny Bumfuck is so Goddamned special... at least that's the attitude I get from these parents... if he's so fucking special, why isn't he able to do this himself?!

We really need some sort of license required before people are allowed to procreate. This is getting out of hand.
/angry tirade


At 6:46 AM, Blogger KrispyLizard said...

hehehe. you said asshat.


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