Monday, July 11, 2005

Yellow Jersey

Yeah, so I have a question maybe someone can answer for me...

In the Tour de France, when someone earns the "Yellow Jersey," is it the same jersey the last guy who had it wore? If so, I hope they got some good launderers in France, cuz that jersey would be stinking to high hell.

I'm sure this isn't a high concern for most people following the race, but it's things like this I worry about. I mean, damn, if Armstrong is wearing a nasty, used jersey everytime he earns the Yellow... he's way more of a hero than I already thought.

Seriously... have you ever seen/smelled/felt a professional sports jersey after it's been sweated out? They're fucking nasty. Horrible. Revolting even.

I think I'd be less game for the lead in something like the Tour de France if it meant I'd have to pull on and wear a nasty shirt like that. No offense to the other racers... that's just bad hygiene.


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Better than brown biking shorts I would think. Ha.


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