Monday, June 27, 2005


I hate Hotmail.

I have an account from a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago, before they were owned by M$... and they were great then.

Now I use gmail for my personal emails... but I still have a few things automatically sent to my hotmail account that I just haven't bothered to transfer. I swear though, I think it's M$'s number one goal to convince me to never use their service again.

First, they use Javascript for damned near everything. Even mundane things that could easily be coded in anything else... Javascript.

EVERYTHING is slow. Logging in, checking mail, opening a message... etc, etc.
I shouldn't have to wait for a simple text email to load when I'm on a DEDICATED T1!

I dunno... I can't explain it anymore. Hotmail == pure frustration, plain and simple. I can't imagine the service improving any... and I'm not sure M$ cares. Whatever, I already expect nothing from them... I suppose this should just be further validation of that for me.


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