Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The return of Stupid

So earlier, I posted about a particular stupid fellow and it appears that he has come back!

That's right, over the July 4th holiday the illustrious Saint of Stupidity visited the HDC not once, not twice, but several times... almost like an extended visit. Oh, what Joy must have blossomed in the hearts of every student consultant there to witness the radiance....

Right. Well, fortunately for my sanity, I was not there. Sucks for my co-workers though. Apparently, this buffoon asked the same "headphone" questions of one of my colleagues, and I'm sure received the same answers... arg, why can't we just pass a law letting me carry around a taser, zapping those foolish enough to incur my wrath?

I promise to only use it for good... please... pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeee?

OK fine... I'll just keep flaming people in cyber-space where it doesn't matter.
On a side note: can you imagine "flaming" some one in rl? That would be so awesome... not that I'm a violent maniac, whose only true pleasure is the bliss of Schadenfreude or anything. :)
I guess I've just played too many video games... cuz when I see this guy running around screaming, flames covering his body... my first response is to giggle.
My second response is to laugh loudly.
Then I feel a sort of twinge or remorse/guilt... which I eventually shrug off.
Afterwhich I snicker to myself in waves of recurring pleasure, akin to how a dieter feels while scarfing forbidden chocolate.

Isn't it nice when we share our feelings? Don't you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Don't you just want to share your own semi-secret self-delusions? Don't cha?

Or something. That's enough from me, as I'm obviously nuts.


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Joe said...

It would more awesome, when you flamed someone, actual flames burnt their ego and their faux-intellectuality. That is, of course, if those two things were tangible, like an arm or a mole. But they aren't. Too bad.


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